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Every year, thousands
of highly qualified individuals from the intelligence community, the military and law enforcement – as well as related areas of government and private industry – look to strike out on their own. The excitement and the prospect of making it big leads many to choose the fastpaced and potentially lucrative field of global security consulting. Some go on to live the dream. Most do not. The vast majority of new businesses, consultants included, fail to make it even through their first year. The reasons are myriad, but the trends are visible – the most frequent cause of failure is being unprepared to meet the difficult and sometimes dangerous challenges of this highly specialized market. Luke Bencie is one of the many global security consultants who struck out on his own and one of the few who has succeeded – at lightning speed. Bencie has traveled to 120 countries and has been an adviser and confidant to multinational corporations, governments, militaries – even royalty. His success did not come without obstacles. Yet, as a friend to many in the security industry, an adherent to the philosophy of paying it forward, and a firm believer in the promise of global security consulting, Bencie has decided to share his experiences and expertise to help newcomers navigate this increasingly crowded field. Global Security Consulting, his second book, has been lauded as a font of information and insight, an invaluable guide for avoiding the pitfalls that can wreck any business, particularly ones that deal with potentially lethal adversaries. Frequently dead serious, occasionally lighthearted and always clear-headed, Global Security Consulting promises to become a standard reference for consultants worldwide – a blueprint for those with the skills, determination and raw courage to succeed in one of the 21st century’s true growth industries. Read it, and be prepared.

Overwhelming praise for Global Security Consulting

"This is a remarkable book, offering invaluable insight into successfully starting and building a security consulting business, from the initial idea to the day-to-day operations."

- William J. Esposito, former Deputy Director of the FBI



"If you are considering starting your own security consulting business, this is a must-read that can save you tons of anxiety, time and money."

- Michael Heimbach, VP of Global Security, ESPN


"A must read for all aspirants to this field and enjoyable reading for anyone interested in how international affairs, foreign policy and good business management are conducted."

- Richard L. Holm, former senior intelligence officer and author of The Craft We Chose: My Life in the CIA


"It's rare that a book delivers on its title, but Global Security Consulting really goes above and beyond what's advertised."

- P.T. Mikolashek, Lieutenant General, US Army (Retired); former Inspector General of the US Army; former Commanding General, Third Army, Operation Enduring Freedom


"Luke Bencie has written a very fine book on how to operate an international security firm. Working with Luke for several years, I can attest that he is a consultant who knows how to deliver."

- Major General Yousef Mansour, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Retired)


"As one of the original associates of Bain & Company, it is evident to me that Luke Bencie has successfully combined the best principles of security management. This book is a must-read for anyone who calls him/her-self a global consultant."

- Peter Davis, former Consultant, Bain & Company


"As the FBI's former lead international kidnapping negotiator and now an international consultant myself, I am impressed by the tips offered in Luke´s book."

- Christian Voss, The Black Swan Group


"Luke Bencie provides clear roadmap on how to navigate the challenge arena of international security consulting. Don´t attempt to translate into this field without first reading this book."

- Edward Leacock, Major General, U.S. Army (Retired)


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